About Me

Hey, there!

I’m Alyssa: a Board Certified Health Coach, mom of two, plant-based eater, and founder of Health Wealth & Waves ☼

I have the most beautiful line of work by being able to help others create and build the healthy lifestyle they have always wanted. It is so rewarding to see the changes and progress that each of my clients make, and the transformation that takes place toward the best version of themselves ✧

Health Wealth & Waves has a very deep meaning to me and the purpose that it serves – waves are ever changing and continuous, much like life. As we learn to ride the waves of change, we are in a constant flow of progressive energy. We can have health, we can have a wealth of it, so it is just a matter of finding how you can create the lifestyle you want to flow with every wave.

My mission is to help women transition from fad dieting to discovering the best version of themselves, and create the lifestyle they want for good. I am so grateful that you are here, and creating that first step in change for yourself. I hope this gives you that small glimpse of light in the direction you are headed. You are strong, beautiful, and valued.

Much love & Positive Vibes ♡


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