Changing habits

What is a Health Coach?  Some of you may have heard the term ‘Health Coach’ before, but not quite sure what it meant. Or maybe you have been approached by someone who said they were a Health Coach and said, “hey! I have this awesome product that will help you with xyz, and I think […]


1 Simple Way to Shift Perspective ▵ Have you found yourself boxed in? Not knowing where you want to go next or what you need right now? This is where curiosity is going to come in 🤙🏽 As humans, we constantly seek knowledge and try to gain understanding, but when that perspective is narrowed in, […]


  TWO Reasons WHY your motivation isn’t lasting When we look at behaviors and habits, one thing that sticks out to most is motivation. Do you hear yourself saying, “I want to keep exercising, but I am just not motivated. . .” I hear & see you! Extrinsic motivation can be powerful up until a […]



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