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 The 5D Cycle is a self-paced course teaching you the foundational knowledge of our health, the four core areas that encompass our health, and the understandings around how to improve our health in each area.

In this course, you will:

  • Assess Your Current Health
  • Understand the Core to Health
  • Learn the Impacts of Healthy Habits
  • Have a Deep Understanding of Each Pillar of Health
  • Listen to Pre-recorded Modules
  • Complete Activities that Pertain to Each Lesson
  • Have Access to Free Resources


Alyssa is a Board Certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC) who holds her Bachelor's degree in Health Science from Arizona State University. Alyssa was one of the first Health & Wellness Coaches to become nationally certified, and specializes in healthy habit building through behavior change. She has always had a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and continues to help others do the same.



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