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TWO Reasons WHY your motivation isn’t lasting

When we look at behaviors and habits, one thing that sticks out to most is motivation.

Do you hear yourself saying, “I want to keep exercising, but I am just not motivated. . .” I hear & see you!

Extrinsic motivation can be powerful up until a point & here are two points to this:

1. Someone else has determined it for you: “My doctor’s orders are needing to lose 10 lbs, so here I am. . .🤷🏼‍♀️” º

2. Self-determined: “I have my best friend’s wedding in June, so I need to look good!💁🏼‍♀️” º

Those are two powerful reasons to get those action steps in motion, but once you reach that wedding date or that 10 lb goal – did you really get to the root cause which is. . .WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU!

This is where that intrinsic motivation comes into play:
º ▵ Knowing – the want to learn for your own sake
º ▵ Accomplishing: you are meeting your optimal challenges
º ▵ Experiencing: where you are experiencing the joys and fun of this change and behavior

So there ya have it, find what is in it for you and what you want most – the more you get to the root cause, the more you are creating a lasting change

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