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Written by on May 7, 2020

1 Simple Way to Shift Perspective â–”

Have you found yourself boxed in? Not knowing where you want to go next or what you need right now?

This is where curiosity is going to come in đŸ€™đŸœ

As humans, we constantly seek knowledge and try to gain understanding, but when that perspective is narrowed in, it can be challenging.

Let’s give ourselves a simple trick to this:

✧The 20k View ✧

ÂșSit in a quiet space
ÂșClose your eyes and start to imagine yourself looking down at your life from a 20,000 ft view
ÂșLook at everything that is involved in your life: people, work, events. . .
ÂșStart to look at the theme in your life when looking down from that view, maybe even multiple themes will come up

NOW. . .let’s shift this perspective 

ÂșLook at your life from the other side – the ideal version of your life
ÂșIdentify those gaps from the view today and the view from the other side
ÂșThink of the gap(s) that you want to fill right now – anything that may come up in order to achieve that ideal version

By looking at your life from that high of a view, you are gaining a broader perspective, shedding a brighter light on your life, understanding what is currently happening and what you need.

This new perspective allows gaps to emerge, why those gaps are there and why they may be important to you.

Remember, gaps are not a “bad” thing in life, they are an opportunity for learning and understanding your life for the better! Allowing yourself to move forward in an effective way that best supports YOU!

The more you get curious about those gaps, identify them, and understand them – the easier it will be to take action and move forward with what you need and want in your life.

You hold the key to your life – discover it & use it

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